Oily Skin – We are getting a lot of questions lately about oily skin and how to deal with it.

By far the most common mistake people with oily/combination skin make is to try to strip the skin during the cleansing part of their skincare routine.

Cleansing until their skin almost squeaks, like the washing liquid ad where we hear the plate squeak and to add insult to injury some are not applying moisturiser, facial oil, or serum after.

This perpetuates the downhill oily skin spiral, each time you wash your skin in this way, it produces more oil/sebum to replenish striped away oils. You need a balanced approach.

Oily Skin Essential Steps

1. Cleanse with a non soap based cleanser.
2. Apply a serum that maintains and balances oily skin.
3. Don’t skimp on facial oil or moisturiser, your oily skin needs hydration or it will supply its own!
4. To avoid the catch 22, apply products designed to support, balance and mattify your skin type.

Michele xoxo

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