Well I could be considered quite mad for a number of reasons, but using a cleansing balm aka the oil cleansing method on my face is not one of them! In fact it has proven to be one of the best things I have ever done for my skin. Let me explain….

Our skin produces natural oils whose job is to keep our skin flexible and healthy. These oils or sebum help to seal in moisture against external conditions such as drying winds etc, they keep our skin lubricated, promote healing of minor irritations and even help to produce vitamin D (in conjunction with sunlight).

While these naturally occurring oils are produced by our own skin for its benefit, it is a buildup that can cause problems such as acne, whiteheads, blackheads or pimples and dull looking, rough and lethargic skin. Put simply, when the sebum or oils age and become hard waxy plugs (yuck) they can trap bacteria, dirt and dead skin cells.

Dietary deficiencies, stress, hormonal fluctuations can all exacerbate this process. People with excessively flaky or dry skin or those suffering from rosacea or eczema have their own set of problems. Using any kind of soap based or foaming cleanser, even where it claims to be moisturizing is in my opinion not a suitable cleansing method for any of these conditions due to the stripping of oils and that feeling of  ‘squeaky clean’, tight skin. Foam and soap based cleansers can leave the skin dry, upset the skin’s acid mantle and leave skin unprotected and vulnerable to environmental aggressors such as cold, wind, pollution, excessive central heating or air conditioning.

Aging skin which is showing signs of wrinkling, excessive dryness, dullness due to the natural loss of collagen can greatly benefit immediately by using the Oil Cleansing Method. In fact many people who try the OCM will find long term improvement with all difficult skin challenges.

Some people find that when they begin to use the OCM, because it cleans skin so effectively there can be a period of adjustment when the skin may become more spotty but this should not be seen as a negative, it is in fact the skin detoxing and purging accumulated debris, dead skin cells and waxy build up within the pores. It is a process so persevere, your reward will be healthy radiant glowing skin!

But wait…. what about us oily skinned sisters? If using botanical oils to clean your skin sounds completely alien to you, remember that oil dissolves oil and therefore it will dissolve the waxes or ‘plugs’ that sebum can degenerate into, it can get right into the pores and in effect ‘sluice’ them out. Please don’t panic at the thought of rubbing oils into your skin.

The cleansing oil/balm itself will not cause blemishes. It will actively and effectively soften and then dissolve the waxy oil that is clogging your pores along with the trapped dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells which are causing the problems.

Your skin will also reap the benefits of the antioxidant rich oils, EFA’s, GLA’s and vitamins including vitamin E, it is literally food for skin! Dirt and impurities will be removed and your skin will be scrupulously clean without being tight or dry and will have a vibrant healthy glow. It is also the most effective way I have found yet to remove make-up, sunscreen and all types of eye makeups and mascaras without harsh surfactants or detergents.

The oil cleansing method is beneficial to all skin types even the most sensitive and will remove excess oils, wax, exfoliate and refine your skin all without stripping the body’s protective oils completely.


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