I believe that women today should not have to sacrifice their health or wellbeing for beauty. In the world today, science and industry have combined, have worked zealously to design, create and manufacture ways and products to appeal to our vanity.

They have tried all the tricks in the book and some not in the book, to convince us that their product, their way, is the best. They employ vast numbers of chemists and product developers to add slip to a moisturiser, to add foaming agents to soap, all to trick us into believing that they have developed their offering to be the best that it can be.

They throw billions in advertising, marketing and endorsements to grab our attention for a few seconds so that we may hear their carefully crafted story, to convince us to buy from them, to part with our hard earned money.

I was exasperated, considerably out of pocket and bitterly disappointed after yet another wonder product failed to live up to its promises. I never intentionally set out to enter the beauty industry, so it’s probably more accurate to say that I found myself in it!

What GeorgiaJane is all about: using plant oils, botanical and marine actives, plant based peptides, amino acids, natural gelling agents and hypo-allergenic emulsifiers to produce effective skincare without petrochemicals, sulphates, parabens and synthetic or artificial ingredients, colours or perfumes. I believe that potentially toxic petroleum derived chemicals and 100% ‘lab derived’ ingredients should simply not be  in the products we use on our skin on a daily basis.

Safe, naturally derived ingredients are better for our health and being more compatible with our biological skin makeup, they can and do deliver visible and stunning results! GeorgiaJane Skincare is passionate about only using natural, botanical and nontoxic ingredients for our and your skin health and for the results they deliver, feeding the skin with powerful nutrients.

My goal is to give every woman the opportunity to experience skincare with a difference, 100% natural botanical skincare.

“Skincare with Integrity” is my tagline, but more importantly it describes what is at the core of my skincare brand, the foundation on which all decisions are based and its my promise to you.

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