neroliCitrus Aurantium Var.Amara Flower Oil(Neroli) In skin care Neroli offers anti-aging benefits as it helps to prevent premature aging of the skin through enhanced micro circulation and astringency, lessening wrinkles, tightening the skin and smoothing the complexion.  The astringency also offers pore refinement and a balancing of sebum, especially suited to dry acneic skin types, due to its detoxifying activity.Also an excellent choice for stretch marks and cellulite due to its ability to stimulate cellular growth.  Along with Chamomile, Neroli is one of the best choices for sensitive skin. In therapeutic treatments Neroli is known as one of the most powerful neuro-psychological oils, where it offers true calming activity, especially for unreleased tension and nervousness, making it the ideal choice for anxiety and stress. The power of Neroli’s therapeutic activity is given to us along with one of the most beautiful fragrances, available from nature.  Neroli is a smooth floral note, with hint of sweet citrus, that instantly makes you feel good, just from the fragrance.