MandarinCitrus Deliciosa(Mandarin) Oil Mandarin Red is similar to Tangerine oil, both in chemical composition and fragrance.   One of the benefits to choosing either of these oils, when you are looking for a citrus note, is the lack of photo sensitizing components.  Because the fruit is harvested, and the oil pressed, from the fully ripe fruit there is very little risk, unlike the other pressed oils.  It also is not prone to the irritation potential and is a much better choice  in skin care blends. Mandarin Red is a great choice for when you need to sweeten up a blend and is known to be a great stress reducer, aiding in sleep disorders and anxiety. Mandarin Red, like Tangerine, is sweet and slightly floral and a good choice when you want to add a citrus without the tang or tartness of the other peel oils.  It also creates a nice bridge between the top and middle notes, to help balance your blend and keep them from dissipating so quickly.  Blends beautifully with the florals and the other citrus oils.