Hazelnut OilHazelnut Oil (Corylus Avellana) is cold pressed from the nuts of Corylus Avellana.  Very similar to Sweet Almond Oil, in chemical composition and stability, though the absorption of Hazelnut is far superior, absorbing very quickly, and completely. It is Non-comedogenic, it balances the production of sebum oily skin. Very penetrating, it softens the skin deeply without leaving a greasy film and allows good penetration of active ingredients such as essential oils  and it is protective, it prevents dehydration of the skin, healing and it helps to repair skin tissue. It makes the skin feel soft and pliable and also suits dry to normal skin types and is excellent for sensitive and baby skin due to its soft and smooth feeling on the skin. As it has a low freezing point it can help re balance oily and combination skin to a more normal skin type therefore Hazelnut Oil is one of the best carriers for oily skin, where it offers softening activity, fast absorption, and no greasiness and It’s diffusive activity makes it a great choice for sensitive skin, and baby skin, where it leaves the skin soft, and smooth.