Blood OrangeCitrus Sinensis(Blood Orange) Oil Orange Sweet Steam Distilled Essential Oil is a soft, sweet, scented oil steam distilled from the peel of Citrus sinensis.  The difference in fragrance, from the pressed oil, is significant.  Orange Sweet Steam Distilled Essential Oil is sweet and delicate, while the pressed oil is more tart.  Of the three orange essential oils, it may help to think of the sweet orange as being sweet and only slightly tart, with the blood variety being much sweeter and the sweet distilled oil as being even sweeter with almost no tartness. I like the steam distilled oil due to it’s lack of photo-sensitizing compounds, making it, and other steam distilled citrus essential oils, suitable for all around use in blends and products.

Like most of the citrus oils Orange Sweet Steam Distilled Essential Oil is a great choice for oily and congested skin conditions where it will assist in drying the excess oil without over drying and causing the skin to create more oil in an attempt to re-balance the skin.  It will also have an astringent effect on the skin making it suitable for hair care applications though the steam distilled is much lower in astringent properties than the traditional pressed citrus oils, which will be true for all steam distilled citrus essential oils. Orange Sweet Steam Distilled Essential Oil is also a great choice for those products that will be used throughout the day where the pressed oil would be inappropriate due to the photo-sensitizing compounds.  These compounds are insignificant in the steam distilled citrus essential oils and may be used throughout the day.