TangerineCitrus Reticulata Oil (Tangerine) Tangerine Oil is well known, like the other, sweet citrus, fruits, to offer an uplifting effect, just from taking in the fragrance.  These oils are calming and offer some relief from anxiety and stress.  In skin care, all of the citrus fruits offer some assistance in cleansing, and controlling, oily skin conditions and they should not be used on dry skin unless combined with other essential oils to counter the drying effects.  The bright, fresh, scent of  Tangerine is a great choice when you need to give a blend some ‘lift’, which explains why they are one of the most popular additions to cleansers, and scrubs, where they are well suited due to their cleansing, and purifying, effect on the tissues.  In perfuming Tangerine Oil offers a bright, sweet, citrus scent that gives your blend some ‘lift’ and a pleasant top note, very similar to Mandarin Red.  Unlike Grapefruit, and Orange, Tangerine and Mandarin don’t have a tart impact, making it more suitable to perfume blends.