Question 3 – Moisturising Oily Skin.

Moisturiser, Oily Skin

Q.3 Moisturising Oily Skin.
Catherine asks “I have very oily skin, should I still use a moisturiser?”

All skin, however oily, needs hydration and nurturing with vitamins and essential fatty acids twice a day, morning and night for a number of reasons not least to ensure that it’s in the best possible condition. It is very common for oily skinned people to make the mistake of skipping moisturiser thinking it will help to ‘dry’ out their skin.

This is a mistake. Proper nutritive hydration is essential for the oily skin as this prevents rebound oiliness when the skin, thinking it is dry pumps out more sebum to compensate. This is why treatment oils such as Balance and Refine work so well, they actually give the skin proper hydration without blocking pores so that the skin stays balanced and produces less sebum. The EO blend helps to purify, decongest and provides anti bacterial protection to prevent future outbreaks.

Effective moisturisers work to keep the skin matte looking, yet working to keep blemishes and acne at bay while also helping to fade old acne marks and give a more even tone to the skin.

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